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HUGH GORDON MUSCHAMP VICKERS was  born on  the 18 May 1886 in Mitcham, Croydon, Surrey, the fourth son  of James Muschamp and Annie Elizabeth Vickers (née Bainbridge).  The family moved to Howe Street, Great Waltham in the 1890s.


Noel was the fourth of five children.  He was enlisted on the 3 June 1915 (4/3/3991) into the Inns of Court Regiment, the Court Officer Training Corps, a Territorial unit, based in Chancery Lane, London.  The officers learned practical skills: how to navigate at night by prismatic compass, how to uncock a Lee Enfield rifle without blowing someone’s foot off and how to dig.


WALTER EDWARD WALLIS was born in October 1894 in Great Waltham, Essex, one of nine children born to David and Mary Ann Wallis (née Buck). He was baptised in the Parish Church on the 4th November 1894.  Walter had four brothers and four sisters and was David and Ann’s second youngest son.

Ernest E WATTS

ERNEST EDWARD WATTS was born in October1879 in Great Waltham, Essex, one of five children born to Joseph and Hannah Watts (née Burton). He was baptised in the Parish Church on the 2nd November1879.  Ernest had three brothers and one sister and was Joseph and Hannah’s second son.

George WATTS

GEORGE WATTS was  born on  the  30th May 1888  in Great  Waltham, the  son of William and Fanny Watts (née Bush). His parents were married on Christmas Day, the 25 December 1871 in the Parish Church in Great Waltham and were both residing in the parish at the time of their wedding.

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